3 Important Reasons To Use A Dog Boarding Facility

31 March 2019
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


Are you planning a summer vacation for this year? Have you considered what you're going to do with your dog during your trip? For many people, the answer is simply to find a sitter to care for your dog while you are away. While this might be a fine solution if all you have is a cat, it's a less ideal situation for dogs. Instead of hiring a sitter to watch them, you should at least seriously consider taking them to a boarding facility. There are a number of advantages to this course of action, including the following.

Less loneliness: Dogs are social pack animals and want to be with people as much as possible. When you hire a sitter, they will typically only come by once or twice a day to walk your dog and to make sure that he or she has sufficient amounts of food and water. This may be sufficient for your dog's physical needs but your dog will still be missing the companionship of people. This may mean that he or she will get destructive in an attempt to alleviate his or her boredom with the end result of you having to come home to expensive repairs. Choose a dog boarding facility that has a playgroup at least once a day so that your dog can mingle with other dogs and get much-needed attention from humans.

Better reliability: If your sitter gets sick or injured while you are away on vacation, there may be nobody else available to take care of your dog's needs. At a dog boarding facility, if one of the employees gets sick or injured then there are other employees available to pick up the slack. Your dog will always have food and water without you having to worry about things that could potentially go wrong if you're relying on a single person.

Lower cost: In many instances, it's going to cost less to take your dog to a dog boarding facility than it would be to hire a sitter. With a sitter, you may not only have to pay for the time spent with your dog but also time traveling to and from your home as well. With a boarding facility, because there are multiple dogs together in one location then you get to reap the benefits of shared labor costs. As a result, your cost for using a boarding facility can be significantly lower than paying someone to take care of your dog only once or twice a day. 

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