What You Should Do If Your Dog Is Attacked

10 May 2019
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


One of the worse things you can imagine happening to your dog is him being attacked by another dog or some other animal. This can be a very scary thing as a dog owner because stepping in can cause injury to you as well. There are things you can do to help your dog if he is attacked.

Get Your Dog Somewhere Safe

If the other animal is gone, you need to ensure he is safe. Leaving him out in the open can attract other pests that could also attack your dog. Take your dog indoors if you can. If your dog has injuries that make him unable to walk, you may need to put him on a makeshift board to prevent further injury to your dog. If your dog is still being attacked, or the other animal is still close by, you can try to get rid of it from afar by making loud noises to scare it away or spraying it with water to get rid of it. Some animals may be afraid of the noise or the water. If you still have a problem with the other animal and it won't leave, call your local animal control office for help.

Assess Your Dog's Injuries

Take a good look at your dog and assess his injuries. If your dog only has a few scratches, you can probably take him to your local veterinarian clinic. If your dog has severe injuries and bleeding, is showing signs of distress such as not being able to open his eyes or not breathing properly, take him to the veterinary hospital right away. Try to control any bleeding by adding pressure to the wound and wrapping it with gauze or some other type of cloth you have available. If you aren't sure if your dog needs to go to the hospital, you can call your dog's veterinarian for help, or you can call the veterinarian hospital for help as well.

Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe

To help prevent your dog from getting attacked by other animals you should keep your dog in a fenced yard, but if you don't have a fence around your yard you should always keep your dog on a leash when outside. Be outside with your dog and keep an eye on your dog. If you see another animal in your yard, take your dog indoors right away. Even if it's another dog entering your yard, you may not know that other dog or how they (or your own dog) will react. To prevent attracting animals to your yard, keep garbage enclosed in a secure garbage can. Keep your lawn trimmed and get rid of lawn debris where some animals may be hiding (such as raccoons or opossums).

If your dog has been attacked, get him to a safe area and get him medical attention as needed.