Issues To Keep An Eye Out For After Pet Vaccinations

15 May 2019
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If your dog has recently had his vaccinations, whether he's a puppy or an older dog, he can have some issues. If you aren't sure what signs, symptoms, or odd behaviors to look out for, read on for some helpful information.


If your dog is acting restless, such as not being able to sit for long, wanting to go out more often than normal, or not seeming like he can get comfortable, this could relate to the vaccination he just received. Keep an eye on your dog to see if these symptoms change or taper off some. If they don't change after a few hours, call your veterinarian for help. Be sure to report any other symptoms that your dog may be exhibiting. 

Behavior Changes

If your dog is acting differently such as more aggressive towards you, your children, or other animals in the home, or if your dog is not quite as excited as he normally would be about different things such as someone coming to the door, food, or playtime, it may be due to a reaction to the vaccine. To prevent injuries, report this information to the veterinarian and keep your dog away from anyone or any other pets if he is acting aggressively.

Vomiting Or Diarrhea

Vomiting or diarrhea can occur after receiving vaccinations, but if this persists for a few days afterward, it's time to make a call to the veterinarian. Sometimes these symptoms can occur immediately after the vaccination or in the hours afterward, but they should not persist in the days after. If your dog is not keeping anything down, he can become dehydrated, and this can cause other issues if not treated, so calling the veterinarian is important.


If your dog is experiencing seizures and never had them before, it may be due to a reaction to the vaccination he received. It could also be a coincidence that he started having seizures around the same time as the vaccinations. Report the seizures to the veterinarian. Also, be sure to report how long the seizure lasted and what type of seizure it was—grand mal or focal.

If your dog is having any issues after having his vaccinations, you should report them to the veterinarian. It may be a normal reaction, or it may not be. It's better to be safe than sorry and report anything you think is unusual to the veterinarian. If testing or treatment is required, your veterinarian will let you know.