Four Uses Of CBD Oil For Dogs

17 May 2019
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By now, you have probably heard of CBD oil — it's the health trend that seems to be sweeping the nation. A component of marijuana that does not make the user feel high, CBD oil is useful for relieving stress, migraines, and an array of other conditions, namely those associated with inflammation. Did you know that CBD oil can be used for your pets, too? Here are four ways to use CBD oil for dogs.

1. To Calm Anxiety

Just as CBD oil calms anxiety in humans, it can do the same for dogs. If you have a dog who gets anxious when you leave the house, giving him or her some CBD oil right before you leave can help keep them calm. It is also useful to give to dogs before a long car ride or move. If your dog gets anxious when going to the vet, giving some CBD oil can be helpful, but check with your vet first—you want to ensure it won't interfere with any tests the vet plans on doing once your dog arrives to the office.

2. To Ease Digestive Discomfort

Digestive discomfort in dogs can be due to anxiousness, in which case, CBD can help ease it. If your dog suffers from diarrhea, constipation, or just a rumbling tummy from time to time, giving him or her CBD oil can help ease the symptoms. Give it with a bit of food to avoid irritating the stomach, since like any oil, it can be a bit harsh on an empty stomach.

3. To Ease Joint Stiffness

Because CBD oil is so good at relieving inflammation, it is a good choice for dogs with arthritis or other forms of joint pain. It will help decrease swelling in the joints, which will in turn decrease pain. If your dog has not tolerated conventional arthritis medications well or you are looking for a more natural approach, CBD oil might be it.

4. To Reduce the Occurrence of Seizures

If your dog suffers from seizures, giving them CBD oil may help reduce the frequency and severity of those seizures. You should, of course, talk to your vet before you begin giving it. In most cases, it won't interfere with any seizure medications your dog is already taking, but it's always best just to be sure.

CBD oil is as beneficial for dogs as it is for humans. To learn more, talk to your veterinarian or companies like Ellevet Sciences.