Four Reasons To Welcome A Cockapoo Into Your Home

18 May 2019
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With so many options, choosing a new puppy to bring into your home can be a mind-bending experience. It's impossible to not love every puppy that you come across, so how can you choose? While it's impossible to say which puppy will ultimately make you its new human, it may be worthwhile to consider check out cockapoo puppies for sale. These adorable dogs are a crossbreed between cocker spaniels and poodles. While it may seem as though they are just another fad in the long line of designer breeds that have become popular in recent years, cockapoos have actually been popular for more than half a century. Keep reading to discover why this particular mix has been popular for so long.

It's All About the Personality

Cockapoos have personality in spades. They are warm, affectionate dogs that are also very easy to socialize. While every puppy is a unique individual and no dog's personality is a guarantee, properly socialized cockapoos are great around kids and make terrific companion dogs. What most cockapoos want more than anything else is a loving and caring human that can give them the kind attention that they need. Cockapoos also tend to be light to moderate barkers, so they work well for homes where a highly vocal dog may not be the best fit.

Cockapoos Can Be Hypoallergenic

A hypoallergenic breed is one that sheds very little or not at all, making them more suitable for owners who have issues with dog dander. Note that not all cockapoos are hypoallergenic so, if this is a major issue for you, it will pay to be slightly more discerning when searching for the next furry member of your family. A lack of shedding also means that less clean-up is needed and less care needs to be taken with furniture that might be ruined by dog fur.

You've Got Size Options

Most people have a preference for dogs of a particular size, and cockapoos offer plenty of options. Toy cockapoos that are small enough to carry around are available, as are larger varieties that that match most full-size poodles in size and weight. If your living situation demands dogs of a certain size, it is almost a guarantee that you will be able to find a sub-breed of cockapoo that will work for you.

Flexible Enough for Many Living Situations

Since cockapoos are available in many sizes and even hypoallergenic varieties, they can work in a wide range of living situations. Additionally, they are generally indoor dogs that, while sometimes energetic, do not require significant amounts of time outdoors or in large yards. All of these characteristics can make them highly suitable for apartments or small homes. Their generally friendly disposition works in their favor for these living arrangements as well, as they tend to be calm and quiet around neighbors.

Ultimately, choosing a dog (or having one choose you!) is a highly personal experience. No one can tell you which breed is right for you, but this peppy, friendly, and loving breed is worth keeping on anyone's short list.