Why Standard Poodles Make Great Family Pets

22 May 2019
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


Standard poodles are gorgeous majestic creatures. The largest of the poodle breed, "standards," were originally bred in Germany. In addition to their stunning appearance, standard poodles also make excellent family pets. Here are some reasons why welcoming a standard poodle into your home may be one of the best decisions you ever make:

Low Shedding

If you are the fastidious type, you will love the fact that standard poodles shed very little. This means that your furniture, carpeting, and clothing will be spared from tufts of dog fur that can become embedded into the fibers of your items.

Excessive shedding also predisposes your home to  pet odors, which can linger long after you have vacuumed or otherwise removed the fur from your furniture. Odors can infiltrate soft surfaces such as upholstered couches and chairs, and because of this, professional steam cleaning may be your only option in eliminating the odor. Low shedding dogs like the standard poodle are also good choices for those with allergies, breathing problems, or skin conditions. Also, poodles tend to have less of a "dog smell" than other dogs, and typically stay cleaner and more odor-free between baths.

Good Watchdogs

While not known as an aggressive breed, the standard poodle is always alert and will step in quickly if it believes a family member is in danger. While friendly and affable, your poodle may be wary or even shy around strangers until it gets to know them.

This large dog's bark will intimidate a potential intruder, but the bark will probably be more intimidating than its bite. It is important that you socialize and train your dog so that when if a threatening situation does arise, the animal will understand that is should simply give a warning rather than aggressively pursue what it perceives to be a threat.

Lack of socialization around people and other animals is a dangerous situation, even in the most docile breed of dog. Because the standard poodle can be reserved in new situations, it is essential that you gradually introduce it to a new pet or baby. 

If you are considering adding a standard poodle to your family, consider the above factors. If you are interested in getting a standard poodle, contact a standard poodle rescue group in your area to see if there are any dogs waiting to be adopted or fostered. If you choose a rescue dog, it will never forget, and will spend its entire life "giving back" to you.