Newborn Kitten Eye Infections: Understanding The Basics

23 May 2019
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As a cat owner, when your cat has kittens, you will be responsible for making sure that those kittens are healthy. One common problem that many kittens experience is the development of eye infections. Whether it's from something they are exposed to at birth or bacteria in the bedding area, an eye infection can be problematic, because it can potentially lead to blindness if left untreated. Here's a look at what you need to know about kittens and eye infections.

Symptoms Of Kitten Eye Infections

If a newborn or young kitten develops an eye infection, you may see any of several symptoms. For example, you might notice redness in the eye once it's open. You may also notice that the eye is swollen, and this can happen whether the kitten's eyes have opened or not. Along with swelling, discharge from the eye, including green or yellowish residue, can also be indicative of an eye infection in your kitten.

Addressing Kitten Eye Infections

If you have any reason to suspect that one of your kittens has an eye infection, it is important that you address it as soon as possible. The first thing that you should do is to contact your veterinarian. He or she will examine the kitten to determine whether or not an eye infection is actually present.

This examination will start with a physical assessment. The vet will check the kitten's overall health and development, and will look at the affected eye to evaluate the symptoms. Once that's done, he or she may swab the discharge to determine the source of the infection, and may even draw blood to look for any other potential problems.

Treating Kitten Eye Infections

There are a few different ways to treat an eye infection in a kitten. Your veterinarian may prescribe eye drops for you to apply a couple of times a day. This is usually done when the infection is something within the eye itself.

You may also be given an antibiotic ointment, much like what you put on a child's injuries to prevent infection. That ointment should be applied to the affected eye a few times a day. Make sure you clean the eye with a warm, damp, clean cloth or cotton swab before you apply the ointment, though.

The more you understand about kitten eye infection symptoms, identification, and treatment, the easier it is to protect your newborn kittens and their overall health. Contact a business like Cats Only Veterinary Hospital to learn more.