Long-Haired German Shepherds? What Families Should Know Before Adoption

31 May 2019
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While it can be difficult to resist the urge to adopt a puppy based on their cute antics or cuddly appearance, it is usually more advantageous to base the selection of your family dog on other factors. This is especially true when the dog will be a companion for children and offer a measure of security for the home.

German shepherds are one of the breeds that have proven their ability to fulfill all the roles associated with being a family dog with pride and devotion. If you are considering the purchase of a German shepherd, you may not realize that long-haired German shepherds are a breed variation that is becoming increasingly popular. 

How does a long-haired German shepherd differ from the more well-known shorter-haired variety?  

While it may seem to be a new breed, long-haired German shepherds are actually not new at all. In fact, they have previously been known by breeders as being "coated" or having "stock hair." The reason that it seems as if the long-haired German shepherd is relatively new is that many breeding organizations and purebred dog associations have not recognized these dogs as conforming to breed standards in the past. Other than the length of the hair, however, the two dogs are physically and genetically equal. 

Does a long-haired German shepherd shed more than a shorter-haired one? 

Once people understand that there is no difference other than the length of the coat, the next question is sure to be about shedding. German shepherds of both varieties do require frequent grooming to help minimize shedding. 

Somewhat surprisingly, however, the shorter-haired German shepherd usually sheds far more than its longer-haired relative. This occurs because shorter-haired shepherds have what is known as a double coat or double layer of fur, compared to a single layer of longer hair for the long-haired German shepherd. 

Since a double layer of fur means approximately twice as many individual hairs per animal, it is easy to see why shedding is typically worse in the shorter-haired GS than the one with longer hair. 

Families who are considering any German shepherd as their family dog should know that both varieties are known for their intelligence, loyalty, playful spirit, and ability to interact calmly with children.

To learn more about long-haired German shepherds for sale, take time to visit with a breeder in your area. If possible, ask to tour their facilities and view and interact with several of these dogs before making your decision.