3 Tips To Selecting A Golden Retriever Puppy That You Can Finally Bring Home

23 October 2019
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


Golden retrievers are known for their loyalty and high energy levels, which is why you might have held off on your dreaming of owning one before you bought your house. Now, however, you've finally achieved your goal of homeownership, and you are ready to share your yard with a new furry member of your family. Being able to finally have the space and fencing that you need for a dog is exciting, yet you also want to take your time to fully explore each aspect of the American golden retriever puppies for sale that you find. These three tips will help you begin your search for the perfect canine companion.

Ask About the Parents

Respectable breeders should be able to provide proof of a puppy's pedigree. While every puppy's health and temperament are slightly different, it does help to know about the parent's background. For instance, healthy parents mean that a dog is less likely to suffer from a genetic disorder that would shorten the amount of time that you get to spend together. A dog that is from a known background of trainable parents and grandparents is also more likely to inherit their general good behavior. 

Look for Early Socialization

American golden retriever puppies do best when they are socialized from a very early age. Although pups shouldn't be hitting the dog park until they receive their primary vaccinations, you should hear that they have been exposed to different people and situations since the time that they were born. Puppies that are used to being around other dogs will be better able to adapt to a second pet if you choose to get one in the future. You should also hear that the breeder has spent some time doing early training with the pups. Find out what types of socialization and training opportunities have been given to your pup so that you can continue it at home.

Observe for Rapport and Good Behavior

Finally, you can tell a lot about a puppy simply by spending some time together. When you set out to find your golden retriever, plan for enough time to observe how they behave around you and the other people that you bring along. While puppies are known for some silly antics such as nibbling or romping about, you want to select one that has a generally good demeanor with just enough energy to be ready for fun when you bring them home.

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