How To Puppyproof Your House For A Goldendoodle

6 July 2021
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Are you planning to get a goldendoodle puppy? You are about to embark on an adventure with a wonderful new companion. One way to make sure that both of you have a great time is to puppy-proof your house.

Puppies, especially goldendoodles, are curious. This means you have to take some extra steps to make your home perfectly safe for your new pal. Here are some steps you can take.

Try a No-Chew Spray

Bitter apple spray and other sprays are great deterrents for chewing. Goldendoodle puppies are chewers, and they will check out every nook and cranny for something to chew on. Sprays make these items less appetizing.

Cover or Unplug Electrical Cords

A dog can be seriously injured or even killed by chewing on electrical plugs. Make sure you unplug everything that is not covered so that your pup is safe in all areas where they are allowed.

Offer a Variety of Fun Toys

When you have a lot of toys available for your puppy, they will prefer those toys. Make sure you get toys that are appropriate for a goldendoodle and will stimulate their natural instincts.

Place Cleaning Supplies & Chemicals Out of Reach

A dog might be attracted to the smell of cleaning supplies and other chemicals, so make sure that you put these items in a closet or on a top shelf where the dog will not be able to reach them.

Check Your Food Storage

Certain foods, including chocolate, are fatal for a dog. Your goldendoodle might get curious about something in your pantry while you are away, so make sure all food is puppy-proofed or stored in cabinets that a dog can't open.

Invest in a Solid Trash Can

Dogs love to get in the trash, especially when they have all that puppy energy. Make sure that your trash can has a lid that a dog cannot open. Otherwise, you run the risk of coming home to all the contents strewn about your kitchen.

Buy Some Baby Gates

Finally, consider getting some baby gates that are tall enough to keep a goldendoodle pup out of the places they don't belong. These gates can help your dog stay in one area of the home and get to know the areas where they are allowed to hang out.

Find the Perfect Goldendoodle Puppy Today

Now that you have the puppy-proofing basics down, it's time to find your new best friend. Check out goldendoodle puppies today to find a dog that will make a suitable companion for the next phase of your life.

For more information, contact a breeder who has goldendoodle puppies for sale.