Some Great Things About Ragdoll Kittens

10 June 2022
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


Bringing home a kitten can be such a fun experience, for the whole family. You can choose from so many breeds of kittens when you are ready to get one. You can go with a regular house cat you can easily find. However, you may have your heart set on getting a kitten that has more unique features. While all breeds of cats are special in their own ways, there are a number of things about ragdoll kittens that set them apart from other cats. Below, you will read things that help you to get a better idea of what's so great about these cats: 

Ragdoll cats are gorgeous

One of the first things people will notice when they see a ragdoll cat is that they are stunning to look at. The breed has long, thick, fluffy, and soft fur. Not only does the fur make them look so beautiful, but it also makes them great to snuggle with and pet. This breed usually has a body that's very light and a face that's much darker. Their faces, ears, legs, and tails are often much darker. They can come in other looks as well. The names of their looks are mitted, bicolor, lynx point, tortie point, and colorpoint. Some can also have bright blue eyes. 

Ragdolls are relaxed cats

If you want a cat that's content to relax around the house with the family, the ragdoll is a great choice. While they can have a good time chasing a laser point and playing with the kids, they will also enjoy sitting on your lap for hours and sleeping next to you quietly all night. This is different from some breeds, which tend to be a bit more on the mischievous side. 

They are easygoing cats

Another nice thing about this breed is that it tends to be easygoing. There are some cats who tend to handle changes badly. For example, if you were to move a family member into your house all of a sudden, some cats may get upset by this and start acting out. However, this is not the normal personality for this breed. They tend to just go with the flow and accept changes and disruptions to their schedules easily. 

Ragdolls are great for small homes

If you live in an apartment or small home, then you may be concerned that a cat could feel too trapped and start acting out. However, an apartment will usually be just fine for a ragdoll. They are a breed of cat that usually loves to be inside, even in small quarters.