Fish and Pond Care Requirements

16 September 2022
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Maintaining a healthy fish population requires routine pond inspections and cleaning. An adequate population of fish and careful feeding measures should be implemented. There should be plenty of vegetation present and decay should be removed regularly.

Fish Population

Observing pond fish can be a fun activity that you and your loved ones enjoy. The types of species that you introduce to your new pond are equally important to the overall number of fish that you add to the water feature. Seek guidance with fish selection, by consulting with a fish supplier. Fish growth patterns and eating habits may influence what type of fish you decide to purchase. Your fish population will likely expand as time progresses. Keep this in mind when choosing the initial batch of fish that you will add to your pond. 

Inspections And Cleaning

Inspecting your pond will alert you to any algae, dead fish, or foreign materials that are within the water feature. A skimmer can be used to remove algae and other substances from the surface of the water. A net can be used to collect large materials that have sunk to the bottom of the pond. During the inspection and cleaning processes, use a light to aid with illuminating the inside of the pond.

Vegetation that is within a water feature will enhance the beauty of the pond, plus instill a healthy ecosystem. Water plants are pretty self-sufficient and will only require hydration and sunlight. If any plants appear to be wilted or have fungus or another potentially harmful substance on their surface, removing the plants may be necessary. Diseased plants could pose a threat to your pet fish. Inspecting the plants should be conducted during normal cleaning sessions.

If your pond utilizes a filter, you may need to clean or replace the filter on occasion. Additional cleaning techniques that your pond will require include checking the water quality and using a liquid or tablet water purifier as needed. Before introducing any chemicals to the pond, consult with a fish supplier.

Strong chemicals that are not designed to be used around pets could be harmful to some of your pet fish. If you have invested in a large water feature, you may want to hire a professional pond maintenance service such as Aquarium & Pond Care. This person can aid you with every aspect associated with proper pond care. They may use targeted inspection and cleaning strategies during each season of the year.